South West Montana Junior Golf Tour

Terms of Use

SWMJGT Membership Covenant: By submitting the Membership Covenant form, I confirm that I am the parent or legal guardian of the child listed for membership and give my permission for my child to enter and participate on the SWMJGT junior golf tour.  In addition, I understand that checking the appropriate boxes, entering our names in the spaces provided and by submitting the Membership Covenant form will act as my legal signature for authorizing my child.  I also confirm that I have read and understand the entire Membership Covenant and agree to be bound by it's terms and conditions.  I also commit to review the terms and conditions with my child so that he/she too understands the rules, regulations and expectations of the SWMJGT junior golf tour.  Lastly, I understand that we will need to pay the $175.00 Tour Fee to finalize my child's membership on the Tour.

I understand and affirm that the South West Montana Junior Golf Tour (herein after known as SWMJGT) and course owners and/or operators are not liable for any accidents or injuries suffered while participating in SWMJGT sponsored events.  By completing the registration process, I agree to fully indemnify and hold harmless the SWMJGT and its agents, representatives and volunteers from any damages suffered by me, my family or my child while participating in, or traveling to or from any program sponsored by the SWMJGT.  I authorize the SWMJGT to release my child’s scores and photographs to any newspaper, golf publication, golf website, golf organization or college golf coach.  I have read and agree to the terms set forth.