South West Montana Junior Golf Tour

Spectator Rules

While the SWMJGT Junior Golf Tour will do everything possible to run quality tournaments, certain guidelines are imposed for parents and spectators to follow.  The decision to implement these guidelines was due in part to PARENTAL PRESSURE that can be well meant, but often places unwanted pressure on their child.  

Also, we like to point out that OVER-INVOLVEMENT is a serious issue in many golf tournaments.  Parents often become over-involved or protective.  In both instances children never learn to be responsible.  It is also natural for parents to live vicariously through their children, but when the parent’s goals and expectations exceed their children’s, added pressure is inevitable.

Please note that Parents/Spectators agree to let players compete without giving any advice or counsel to them during the stipulated round (USGA Rule 8-1), knowing that a violation to this rule may cause a two-stroke penalty (and even disqualification) against the player without warning.


  • Parents/Spectators that are walking are encouraged to stay on the cart path or in the rough, at least 50 yards away from any competitors. Please do not walk in the fairways.
  • Parents/Spectators cannot walk alongside players during tournament play.
  • Parents/Spectators can help look for lost balls, be a spotter and come up near the green to watch when the players are putting.
  • Parents/Spectators need to be aware of other players on the course. Do not lag behind which prevents the group behind from playing their shots.
  • Parents/Spectators are not to give rulings on the Rules of Golf. In stroke play, when a player is in doubt to a rules situation, he/she may complete the hole by playing a “second ball” note the scores from both balls and report the facts to the Rules Committee before signing his/her scorecard (USGA Rule 3-3)
  • Cellular phones are permitted on the golf course during the tournament rounds only if they have sounds muted or the phone turned off.
  • Parents/Spectators can act as a forecaddie; carry umbrellas, jackets, food or drink, etc. However, Parents/Spectators are not permitted to talk to any players during the stipulated round other than to suggest the playing of a “second ball” if there is a doubt as to procedure (USGA Rule 3-3)
  • Please respect all host facility's policies.