South West Montana Junior Golf Tour

Membership Covenant






The SWMJGT Junior Golf Tour is very thankful for the involvement of players, parents, and host facilities. The SWMJGT Junior Golf Tour has established rules and guidelines for both its participants and their families. We firmly believe that with privilege comes responsibility. It is required of all participants to adhere to The SWMJGT Junior Golf Tour Code of Conduct while participating in any SWMJGT event:


  1. Regarding Attire: When you arrive at the golf course you are expected not only to act like a golfer, but to look like one as well. Your appearance during the practice round and competition should be in keeping with the following:
    • ACCEPTABLE clothing for Boys:
      • Golf Shorts or hemmed walking shorts.
      • Traditional slacks or khakis.
      • Collared or banded collared golf shirts tucked in at all times.
      • Mock Turtlenecks.
      • Soft spiked golf shoes or tennis shoes.
    • ACCEPTABLE clothing for Girls:
      • Golf shorts or tennis shorts or hemmed walking shorts.
      • Skirts or sport skirts.
      • Traditional slacks or khakis.
      • Collared or banded collared golf shirts.
      • Mock Turtlenecks.
      • Sleeveless blouses with collars.
      • Soft spiked golf shoes or tennis shoes.
    • UNACCEPTABLE clothing for Boys:
      • Torn or ripped shorts or jogging shorts or gym shorts or swimming suits.
      • Jeans or denim shorts or denim pants of any kind.
      • T-shirts or sleeveless shirts or muscle shirts.
      • Sleeveless or collarless shirts in general are unacceptable for boys.
      • Any article of clothing displaying an offensive statement.
      • Any footwear that can cause damage such as rib-soled jogging footwear or metal golf spikes.
    • UNACCEPTABLE clothing for Girls:
      • Torn or ripped shorts, jogging or gym shorts, swimming suits or short-shorts.
      • Jeans or denim shorts or denim pants of any kind.
      • T-shirts or tank tops or halter tops.
      • Any article of clothing displaying an offensive statement.
      • Any footwear that can cause damage such as rib-soled jogging footwear or metal golf spikes.
    • PLEASE NOTE Additional rules:
      • All articles of clothing must be clean, free of rips and free of holes.   Shirts or tops must be worn at all times. 
      • If a hat, cap or visor is worn, it shall be displayed in the proper manner and should be removed while indoors when in the host facility.
      • Anyone not conforming to the Dress Code outlined above will be required to conform before they will be permitted to play the course or use the practice areas. Please respect the game and its traditions!


  1. Regarding alcohol, tobacco, and drugs: The use of any of these substances on or off the golf course will be considered a violation of the SWMJGT Code of Conduct leading to disqualification of/or suspension from the SWMJGT golf tournament or tournaments at the SWMJGT's absolute discretion.
  2. Regarding etiquette/course behavior: Any breach deemed to be serious by the SWMJGT might result in disqualification under Rule 33-7. A serious breach may include but is not limited to the following:
    • Abusive or inappropriate language;
    • Disrespect shown to course officials, volunteers, or golf professionals;
    • Throwing of clubs;
    • Notification of an SWMJGT official is required prior to leaving the golf course during a competitive round when withdrawing for any reason including medical;
    • Mistreatment of the golf course in any way will be considered a violation of the SWMJGT Code of Conduct.
  3. Regarding off-course behavior: Violation may bring a letter of warning to parents and player, a suspension from the tournament where the violation occurred, and/or suspension from future events and/or expulsion as an SWMJGT player:
    • Use of or association with drugs, alcohol, smoking, or chewing tobacco products;
    • Use of abusive language;
    • Vandalism of any kind at the host facility;
    • Disrespectful treatment of a host facility or property;
    • Or, any other conduct not becoming of a SWMJGT member will be considered a violation of the SWMJGT Code of Conduct.
  4. Regarding tournament rules: The tournament round is not complete until the scorecard has been signed and accepted. A flagrant violation at the tournament and/or site may result in immediate disqualification or suspension without benefit of review. The SWMJGT may assess disqualification and/or suspension based on violations of one or more of the above depending on the seriousness of the violation. If disqualification and/or suspension is necessary, the player, his/her parents and the SWMJGT tournament staff will be advised to submit a written account of the circumstances and violation(s) in question to the SWMJGT Board of Directors within 24 hours of the notice of disqualification and/or suspension. After review, the possible disqualification and/or length of the suspension will be decided.


The SWMJGT Junior Golf Tour assumes that you, as a player, know that golf is a game of integrity. By signing this Code of Conduct, you are indicating your desire to keep the great game of golf a great game and to abide by and accept this Code of Conduct and the SWMJGT Junior Golf Tour’s enforcement of this Code of Conduct.



While the SWMJGT Junior Golf Tour will do everything possible to run quality tournaments, certain guidelines are imposed for parents and spectators to follow. The decision to implement these guidelines was due in part to PARENTAL PRESSURE that can be well meant, but often places unwanted pressure on the child. Also, we like to point out that OVER-INVOLVEMENT is a serious issue in many golf tournaments. Parents often become over-involved or protective. In both instances children never learn to be responsible. It is also natural for parents to live vicariously through their children, but when the parent’s goals and expectations exceed their children’s, added pressure is inevitable.

Please note that Parents/Spectators agree to let players compete without giving any advice or counsel to them during the stipulated round (USGA Rule 8-1), knowing that a violation to this rule may cause a two-stroke penalty (and even disqualification) against the player without warning.


  • Parents/Spectators that are walking are encouraged to stay on the cart path or in the rough, at least 50 yards away from any competitors. Please do not walk in the fairways.
  • Parents/Spectators cannot walk alongside players during tournament play.
  • Parents/Spectators can help look for lost balls, be a spotter and come up near the green to watch when the players are putting.
  • Parents/Spectators need to be aware of other players on the course. Do not lag behind which prevents the group behind from playing their shots.
  • Parents/Spectators are not to give rulings on the Rules of Golf. In stroke play, when a player is in doubt to a rules situation, he/she may complete the hole by playing a “second ball” note the scores from both balls and report the facts to the Rules Committee before signing his/her scorecard (USGA Rule 3-3)
  • Cellular phones are permitted on the golf course during the tournament rounds only if they have sounds muted or the phone turned off.
  • Parents/Spectators can act as a forecaddie; carry umbrellas, jackets, food or drink, etc. However, Parents/Spectators are not permitted to talk to any players during the stipulated round other than to suggest the playing of a “second ball” if there is a doubt as to procedure (USGA Rule 3-3)
  • Please respect all host facility's policies.



Tournament Acceptance:

You MUST register for each and every event! Our local Golf Professionals need know how many players are going to be entered into each tournament. The process is simple! Visit our website and ‘click’ on the TAB marked “Entry Forms”. You will be taken to an automated entry form page that lists the tournaments for the season and the automated entry form. Simply fill in the spaces provided and at the bottom, choose the tourney that you are registering for and then click the “Submit” button. You may only enter one tournament at a time. That’s all there is to it. You will receive an automated email response acknowledging your tournament entry.

Note: If you do not have access to the Internet, please contact the host golf course and notify them of your intention to play by 12:00pm noon the day before the tournament. DO NOT JUST SHOW UP! This process ensures that you are properly entered into the Tourney and allows the Host Golf Professional to place you into Pairings, Tee Times, Hole Assignments, Score Boards as well as to ensure that there will be enough staff and volunteers available to help out. Also, they will need to know how much food and beverages to have on hand for the players’ lunches.

Practice Rounds:
Practice rounds may or may not be available at the host golf course prior to the tournament. Practice rounds are optional and fees are not included in your Tour entry fees. Players are responsible for calling the host golf course to inquire about practice round availability. Please contact the host course Pro Shop for more information. You can find information about all 8 of the host courses, including their phone numbers and addresses, by clicking on the tab marked “Tournaments”.

Range Facilities:
Most of the host courses have a Driving Range and may offer complimentary range balls prior to tournament rounds. However, you may have to pay a fee for range balls, depending on the host course.

Tee Times and Pairings:
Players should check-in with the Pro Shop 1-hour prior to their scheduled tee time. It is the player's responsibility to be at his/her respective tee at least 10 minutes prior to their starting time. The penalty for failure to start on time is two strokes at the first hole or possible disqualification (USGA Rule 6-3). To ensure that you are on time, we recommend that you always see your tee time in black and white (don’t take someone’s word for it) and if you still have questions, please contact the host golf course.

Suspension of Play:
A suspension for a dangerous situation (i.e.: lightning, hail or tornado) shall be a siren signaled by three horn blasts. Players shall mark their ball with a tee and discontinue play immediately and seek shelter. Players will be notified when it is safe to continue play.