South West Montana Junior Golf Tour

Southwest Montanta Junior Golf Tour FAQ

What is the SWMJGT?

The South West Montana Junior Golf Tour (“SWMJGT”) is a competitive Junior Golf Tour for kids aged 11-18 in Southwest Montana, played on area golf courses against other boys and girls within the same age divisions.


Why the SWMJGT?

The Tour was formed to fill the void of area junior golf tournaments.  It provides a competitive environment that will help prepare its junior golfers, who have a desire to improve and compete, for the next level of golf.  Members of the Tour are generally junior golfers who wish to someday compete in area, regional and national junior golf tournaments, high school golf teams and eventually, college golf, who have a need to test their games within the competitive environment that a junior golf tour will provide.


Who owns the SWMJGT?

The SWMJGT was launched in 2008 and is owned by the Butte Junior Golf Foundation (“BJGF”).  Founded in 2006 by Bob & Donna Wengel, the BJGF is an approved 501(c)(3) non-profit, tax-exempt public charity.  The BJGF’s purpose is to provide a vehicle in which to champion Junior Golf in Butte, Silver Bow and Southwest Montana by raising awareness of Golf through conducting fundraisers, golf tournaments, junior golf tours, clinics and camps.  These activities will tout the importance of “Character Education” in which kids learn Respect, Courtesy, Responsibility and other core values.  In the process, kids will learn golf etiquette, golf rules and a knowledge and respect for the game of Golf. 


How can I get involved with the Tour?

The first step is to join the SWMJGT!  It’s as easy as 1-2-3 to join:


New Website User Registration:

If you do not have a UserName and Password with SWMJGT.

  1. Go to
  2. Click on "Register" in the menu
  3. Answer the security question.
  4. Enter your email address in box provided.
  5. Enter your Parent information first and choose your own unique UserName and Password
  6. After you have submitted your parent account, a new form will appear to enter your junior golfer information
  7. You can enter in multiple golfers by completing a new form for each child.
  8. Remember, you will be prompted to approve the Membership Covenanent; Player Code of Conduct; Parent/Spectator Code of Conduct; Dress Code; How to Prepare for a SWMJGT Tournament; and a Release of Liability before you can officially join the Tour.

Existing Website Users:

If you already have set up your intital account with SWMJGT

  1. Click on "Login" in the menu.
  2. If you do not know your password, click on "Forgot Password" on the Login screen to reset your password


What do I get for $250.00?

It’s the best thing going! Here’s what you get:

  • A SWMJGT logo’d Microfiber Golf Towel.
  • A SWMJGT Logo’d Bag Tag.
  • A USGA Rules of Golf Booklet.
  • Entry into all 8* SWMJGT Tournaments including the Tour Championship at Old Works*
  • Medals awarded to the top 3 finishers in each division of each tournament.
  • Year-end Awards for the top 3 finishers in each division of the SWMJGT Tour.
  • A Lunch and Refreshments at all Tournaments that you enter.
  • An Awards Banquet following the Tour Championship at Old Works*
  • Access to the new SWMJGT Website where your Tournament Scores, Tour Standings and Personal Statistics will be posted as well as your own Player Profile Page (URL) where you can post pictures, swing videos, tournament histories, link to your favorite social media websites and much more.
  • And finally… a chance to compete and sharpen your game and your skills on different golf courses, against kids your age, from all around South West Montana… in fact against kids who now play, or will play for Class AA, A & B high school golf teams.

 * (Note: Please see Eligibility question below.  You must compete in 4 of the first 7 Tournaments to be eligible to compete in the Season Ending Tour Championship).


Is there anything else required to join the Tour?

Yes!  A great attitude, a need to have fun, a willingness to learn and a desire to compete!


Are there any costs other than the Tour entry fee of $250.00?

No!  That’s the only expense that you are required to pay other than incidental expenses such as:

  • Practice Round Green Fees
  • Range Balls (most tournaments provide these the day of the tournament).
  • Pro Shop Purchases
  • Travel Expenses


What if I cannot play in all 8 events?

No worries!  You are not required to play in all 8 events.  Just pick the events that work out for your Summer schedule and sign up for them as the Summer progresses. Remember, every tournament that you play in, is helping you learn valuable lessons on how to compete.  The more you play under pressure, the better tournament player you will become!


Is there a minimum number of Tournaments I must enter to be eligible to compete in the Tour Championship?

Yes there is!  You must play in at least 4 of the first 7 Tournaments to be eligible to compete in the season ending SWMJGT Tour Championship at Old Works Golf Course.


How does the Point System work?

  • “Standard” Points will be awarded based on players’ finishes in the first 7 events as shown below:*
    • MEDALIST POINTS:  The Medalist in each flight will receive 600 points.  Second place in each flight will receive 400 points.  Third place in each flight will receive 200 points (ALL of the first 7 tournaments count).
    • PARTICIPATION POINTS:  Players receive 200 points for each event that they participate in (ALL of the first 7 tournaments count).
    • SCORE POINTS:  Players are awarded 100 points for each individual that they finish ahead of in their flight, in each tournament (ONLY their BEST 4 of the first 7 tournaments count).


* (Example for "How points are earned during a regular Tour event"):  If there are 10 kids in the 11-13 year old boys flight, the winner will receive 600 Medalist Points for being in First Place for his flight, 200 Participation Points for participating in the tournament and 900 Score Points, since he would have finished ahead of 9 other kids, for a total of 1,700 points.


NOTE:  You will keep your 200 Participation points if you play in your 5th, 6th and 7th tournaments (prior to The SWMJGT Tour Championship.  In addition, you will keep any Medalist Points earned (600 points), Second place points earned (400 points) and Third place points earned (200 points), if you play and qualify in your 5th, 6th and 7th tournaments (prior to The SWMJGT Tour Championship).


  • “Double” Points will be awarded based on players’ finishes in The Tour Championship at Old Works:**
    • MEDALIST POINTS:  The Medalist in each flight will receive 1,200 points.  Second place in each flight will receive 800 points.  Third place in each flight will receive 400 points.
    • PARTICIPATION POINTS:  Players will receive 400 points for qualifying and participating.
    • SCORE POINTS:  Players will be awarded 200 points for each individual that they finish ahead of in their flight.


** (Example for "How points are earned during the Tour Championship"):  If there are 10 kids in the 16-18 year old girls flight, the winner will receive 1,200 Medalist Points for being in First Place for her flight, 400 Participation Points for participating in the Tour Championship and 1,800 Score Points, since she would have finished ahead of 9 other kids, for a total of 3,400 points.


Once I am a member of the Tour, do I need to register for each event, or do I just show up to play?

You MUST register for each and every event!  Our local Golf Professionals need know how many players are going to be entered into each tournament.  The process is simple!  Visit our website; log in; Go to the Tournaments Page; Find the Tournament that you wish to register for; On the left side of that tournament, select Click Here to add Child/Golfer.  That’s all there is to it. You will receive an automated email response acknowledging your tournament entry.


NOTE:  If you do not have access to the Internet, please contact the host golf course and notify them of your intention to play by 12:00pm noon two days before the tournament.  DO NOT JUST SHOW UP!  This process ensures that you are properly entered into the Tourney and allows the Host Golf Professional to place you into Pairings, Tee Times, Hole Assignments, Score Cards, Score Boards as well as to ensure that there will be enough staff and volunteers available to help out.  Also, they will need to know how much food and beverages to have on hand for the players’ lunches.


What are the Divisions for the Tour?

There are six (6) Divisions in the Tour, separating the players into age groups as follows:


The Scotty Sheffler Division (Boys 16-18)                  The Neli Korda Division (Girls (16-18)

The Patrick Cantlay Division (Boys 14-15)                   The Lexi Thompson Division (Girls 14-15)

The Jordan Spieth Division (Boys 11-13)                     The Danielle Kang Division (Girls 11-13)


Are there Minimum or Maximum Age Requirements?

Age Rules: Players are qualified to play on the Tour based upon their age and birthdates as follows:  

  • 11-13 Division Qualification Example:  For the 2022 season, the Tour Championship Tournament will be held on Monday, August 8th.  Therefore, in order for a player to be considered age qualified to play on the Tour in the 11-13 year old division, they must turn 11 on or before August 8th, 2022.  (We realize that as with any rule or policy, there can be circumstances which may be considered for exception.  Any exceptions to this rule will be made by the SWMJGT at their sole discretion!)
  • 16-18 Division Qualification Example:  For the 2022 season, any 18 year old junior golfer will be qualified to play on the Tour until they graduate High School.  Therefore, in order to be considered age qualified to play on the Tour in the 16-18 year old division, any 18 year old junior golfer must NOT have graduated from High School.  (There are no exceptions to this rule!)

Can Players move up in Divisions?

Yes!  Players may move up in Age Divisions, but may NOT move down in Age Divisions.  If a player elects to move up and has competed in at least one tournament within an Age Division, they may not move back down again within the same season.


Are there a maximum number of kids allowed to enter each Tour event?

Yes!  Generally, the cut-off is at 100 players, but certain courses can handle more or less players.  We will post the cut-off for each tournament on the website, if necessary, based on direction from the host course Golf Professional.


Can my Parents or other Spectators walk on the Golf Course and watch me play?

It depends on the host Golf Professional’s Rules and Host Course’s Rules, but Yes!  Please read the Spectator Rules under the Tour Info section on this website.  Also, we require both Tour Members and their Parents to sign a Membership Covenant when joining the SWMJGT!  They will be required to read and sign off that they have read the section titled, “Parent / Spectator Code of Conduct”.


Must I walk the Golf Course?

Absolutely!  No motorized golf carts will be allowed, except in an approved situation involving one of our Tour’s kids who has a medical condition that requires for them to not walk, but ride.  Virtually all Junior and Amateur golf requires players to walk.  It builds endurance, physical fitness and stamina, all characteristics of a champion!  Non-motorized Pull Carts will be allowed.


Do USGA rules apply in the Tournaments?

Absolutely!  One of the principle directives of the SWMJGT is to get our kids to better understand the rules and etiquette of the game.  We will; Require players to check-in timely and properly;  Enforce the 14-club rule;  Teach players to check and sign their Scorecards correctly;  Train players to be better competitors, partners and opponents; Understand the penalties that can be assessed; and Respect this great game.


Can I use a Rangefinder?

Range finders and distance measuring devices that are approved by the USGA for tournament play are allowed during SWMJGT tournaments.  Range finders that provide "Slope" assistance are not allowed.  Penalty for using a non conforming device is disqualification.


What if I have a dispute with my playing competitors regarding a golf rule?

If you and your playing competitors are unable to resolve a dispute as to the rule for a particular situation, you are instructed to play a 2nd ball from that spot, keeping score with both balls for that hole.  Once your round is completed and before you sign your scorecard, your entire group should immediately proceed to the Rules Official for a final ruling.


Does the Tour need Volunteers?

Absolutely!  If you wish to come out and assist in any of the tournaments or in the SWMJGT Tour Championship, we would welcome your help.  Typical volunteer needs are: Scoring after the round; Assisting with the lunches (sometimes cooking a BBQ); Driving kids out to their starting holes during Shotgun Starts; and during the SWMJGT Tour Championship, scoring with the group (this requires walking / driving a cart for the 18 holes with the kids).  If you would like to serve in any Volunteer capacity, please click on the TAB titled “Volunteers” and submit your request.  We thank you in advance for your assistance!


Is there a College Scholarship Program?

Yes there is!  In the Fall of 2009, the Board of Directors approved a $1,000 annual award for a College Scholarship to be presented each year to a high school senior, boy or girl, who has participated on the SWMJGT as a 17 year old.  (The Tour must have 60 members for a scholarship to be awarded that year).   This scholarship program commenced during the 2009 season and the first award was made before the end of the school year in 2010, with the following proclamation:


"The South West Montana Junior Golf Tour $1,000.00 college scholarship will be awarded annually to the top qualifying male or female golfer, regardless of high school affiliation, who has participated on the SWMJGT Tour as a 17 year old, who has earned a minimum high school GPA of 3.0, who has achieved the most notable accomplishments on the golf course and who best epitomizes those strong character attributes to which the South West Montana Junior Golf Tour aspires to see in our community’s young men and women."


Past recipients are:

  • 2022 - ???
  • 2021 - -NA-
  • 2020 - -NA-
  • 2019 - -NA-
  • 2018 - -NA-
  • 2017 - -NA-
  • 2016 - Taggart Sullivan - Helena
  • 2015 - Hailey Ogolin - Butte
  • 2014 - Jackson Wagner - Anaconda
  • 2013 - Dublin Sullivan - Helena
  • 2012 - Ashley Williams - Butte
  • 2011 - Teryn Green - Anaconda
  • 2010 - Bryson Buska - Helena


In 2016, the BOD instituted a rule that requires a minimum of 60 players on the Tour in a given year in order for the Scholarship to be made available.


How can I support the Tour?

The health and longevity of the South West Montana Junior Golf Tour depends on donations and fund raising activities.  We truly appreciate your donations.  To contribute, please go to the FOUNDATION tab at the top of our website.  There you will find information about our 501c3 registered non-profit Public Charity; our Mission Statement; Scholarship activities; Board Members and a section on DONATING.


Thank you for investing in junior golf in Southwest Montana.  Our kids are the future of our game!